APEX Development Services

APEX Application Development

APEX is so versatile that you can create any type of solution with it. You just need is a vision for your possible solution and we will make it possible. Solutions developed in APEX are really easy to develop and deploy making it cost-effective than other platforms. All the applications developed by us will be secure with the industry standards.

We can develop apex application based on the data retrieved from anywhere i.e any other database vendor utilizing web services or heterogeneous connectivity

Plugin Development

Sometimes with custom requirements, we often need the development of a new plugin or customization of an existing plugin. We offer both the services to complement the functionalities of oracle APEX.

Web Services Development

We can develop SOAP, REST web services based on any data model. We utilize ORDS for developing REST services for the ORACLE APEX platform. Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) bridges HTTPS and your Oracle Database. A mid-tier Java application, ORDS provides a Database Management REST API, a web interface for working with your database (SQL Developer Web), the ability to create your REST APIs, and a PL/SQL Gateway. We can also be using RestSQL, Express. & fastify the framework for creating Web-services based on NodeJs for any database vendor.

Mobile APP Development

We can help you develop a Mobile Application where the client in IOS or Android-based on the backend by Oracle and admin panel in oracle apex.

Data Model Designing

A good data model is a foundation for making success. If you have designed the data model well you can then run wizards in APEX and make reports and data entry pages very fast. This gives the customers a good feeling of how the application will behave.

Starting from the ground we help your company come up with the data model for your application. We make the Entity Relational (ER) model first and then generate the code from the tool. The process is iterative and new items can be added during the project very easily.

Database Development

For more than 13 years, OAC has been delivering database development services. Relying on solid domain expertise, our team is ready to meet the specific challenges of your business with a professionally tailored solution that will keep your data clean, organized, secure, and easily accessible for authorized users from multiple devices/applications.

Hybrid Application Development

We offer hybrid app development using APEX + ReactJs. React is a really powerful js library to build a smooth yet powerful user interface. If you need any other custom library/ language integration than we might be able to help as well.


Reporting is the best way to get organized data to make decisions or take action. at OAC, We can create any simple to complex - dashboard reports utilizing BI publisher, Crystal report, JasperReports®, and APEX Office Print (AOP).


"Microservices arranges an application as a collection of loosely coupled services. In a microservices architecture, services are fine-grained and the protocols are lightweight." This architecture is quite trendy at the moment by dividing different functionalities into small chunks. Reach out to us to know how to benefit from it.