Oracle Application Express 4.1 Early Adopter is now available

On Friday 06.05.2011 the APEX Development Team had a Surprise for us: they published the first Early Adopter Version of Oracle APEX 4.1


Oracle Application Express 4.1 Early Adopter is now available
Click here to access the hosted site.
Our statement of direction is available here.



Oracle Application Express 4.1

Oracle Application Express 4.1 will focus on enhancement to existing functionality and additional capabilities to support applications running on mobile devices. Application Express 4.1 is planned to incorporate the following:

  • Development for Mobile Applications – Include themes and HTML templates suitable for smart phones and mobile devices.
  • Error Handling – Improve error handling and user-defined exception processing.
  • Tabular Forms – Continue to expand tabular forms validations.
  • Dynamic Actions – Allow dynamic actions to be defined for buttons and enhanced conditional processing.
  • Plug-Ins – Add plug-in support for additional components and enhance plug-in definitions.
  • Use of ROWID – Allow usage of ROWID for Automatic DML processing (as an alternative to identifying the PK columns).
  • Websheets – Improved user interface, new page section types, and enhanced spreadsheet / datagrid integration.
  • Data Upload – Enable end-users to upload data into an existing table (within an application).
  • Accessibility – Improve accessibility in existing themes and HTML templates.
  • Numerous functional and performance improvements.


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    THANKS JAYDIPSINH! It is great to know in detail about application Express 4.1. I heard many thing about it and will surely go for it.
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