What is new in Oracle APEX 5.0.4

APEX Views

  • got an improved security check. They now look for read privilege on the apex-admin-role instead of full admin privileges.
  • APEX_DEBUG_MESSAGES finally lists the Call Stack where a message was written (level 9 debug, only)

APEX Admin Read Role

  • new Role / Function to give more detailed access to APEX API functions and dictionary views:
    • user is wwv_flow.g_flow_schema_owner, SYS, SYSTEM
    • user has been granted APEX_ADMINISTRATOR_ROLE
    • user has been granted APEX_ADMINISTRATOR_READ_ROLE
    • user has been granted SELECT ANY DICTIONARY


  • some dramatic changes, mostly colors by a shade, like change a barchart border-color from #7977de to #7978de
  • I guess Shakeeb wanted to make everything look even more “crisp” 😉


  • A first glance shows that debug messages have been added. I guess that goes hand in hand with security tightening the code itself.
Ref: http://www.oracle-and-apex.com/whats-new-in-oracle-apex-5-0-4/

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